Product Sheet: IMA

  • 03. August 2010
  • Customer: IMA
  • Section: Print

The product fact sheet for the Modustringer, an innovative system employed for the production of solar cells, has a strong focus on facts and information. Individual steps of the manufacturing process are elucidated for experts and potential clients.

Website: K. Rogge

K. Rogge GmbH a major player in the Berlin construction sector. The company specializes in stucco, plaster and dry construction. Its portfolio is impressive, as it comprises some of the most famous municipal buildings and cultural institutions in Berlin. The new website emphasizes the uniqueness of these projects in an aesthetic and informative manner. Each project is illustrated by several elevations. The references are the core feature of the web page and can be displayed...

Website: Aluminium in Transport

  • 05. September 2009
  • Customer: IAI
  • Section: Digital

Based on the concept of the “Aluminium in Green Building” campaign website, this homepage is dedicated to the role of aluminium in the transport sector. An exceptional feature of this page, apart from its strong aesthetic quality, is the “Transport Light-Weighting Model”, which was developed by interstruct to facilitate a concrete calculation of the benefits of employing aluminium in this sector.

Website: DLD Women

The DLD Women portal takes up the main ideas of the DLD Conference. Prominent figures representing role models for women in a highly diverse professional world are the main focus of the conference. The technical realization of this page, based on the blog system “movable type”, was overseen by interstruct.


Whishez is a community tool, on which users can publishes their individual product wishes, as an incentive for personal friends on special occasions such as birthdays, weddings etc. The site environment automatically adapts to entries made by its users, similar to the amazon approach. When searching for a particular CD from an interpreter from the 1990s, related articles or articles which other users bought or put on their wish lists appear on the side banners. The portal is...