Formycon Website

Interstruct has developed a new website for Formycon AG, a successful manufacturer of biosimilars. The last  capital increase was a decisive step for Formycon AG, as it enables the development of a second biosimilar and also puts the company increasingly into public focus. The high-quality presence of its new internet home conveys the credibility and reliability of an established pharmaceutical businessmore

Annual Report 2012: Formycon AG

This new interstruct customer operates in the field of biosimilars – biologically manufactured pharmaceuticals which are similar to original compounds. In 2012 the company underwent a reorientation process: following changes in ownership the original business Nanohale was renamed Formycon. In the course of a comprehensive interview the company's CEO and CFO explain its strategic development and scientific approach in detail. To elucidate the biosimilar concept, a definition...

Animation: Almost Infinite

The “Aluminium Story”, serving as a framework and central access point to the six campaign sites, features three short and graphically sophisticated animations, which summarise the message of the aluminium campaign: presenting the versatility and reusability of aluminium as well as its potential in terms of saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Innovative products by Apple or Audi have helped to create a public perception of aluminium as a progressive and...

Website: The Aluminium Story

Intended as an overarching and clearly structured gateway site to the six individual campaign sites, the “Aluminium Story” facilitates access to the world of aluminium. To this end, three dynamic animations were created, which are intended to engage the interest of visitors and which also form the central visual element of the site. Each about two minutes long, they explain in a clear and illustrative manner how aluminium is mined, processed, used and recycled.

Website: Primary Production

  • 31. December 2012
  • Customer: IAI
  • Section: Digital

The website entitled “Primary Production” is the last page to be completed as part of the IAI aluminium campaign and is dedicated to the topic of aluminium production from its raw material bauxite and various methods of processing.

Information on the three main methods Refining, Smelting and  Processing are accessible via separate frames on the homepage. Due to the clear layout of the frames (including a slide effect), changing from section to...