Clear and aesthetic designs are the interstruct flagship. Developed and equipped with the latest web technology the websites we create for our customers are highly goal-oriented and guaranteed to be effective. We strive to present even the most diverse and complex content attractively and in an intuitively comprehensible manner. Dynamic layouts adapt automatically to various monitor resolutions (from iPad to Full-HD monitor). Our Typo3-based CMS allows customers to update their website content independently.



  • Websites

    From impressive company internet presentations to comprehensive web portals, interstruct creates productive and flexible solutions.

  • Microsites

    Particularly suited for web-based product and technology presentations, microsites focus on highlighting benefits.

  • Search engine optimisation

    Websites have to be specifically coded, in order for them to be effectively captured by search engines.

  • Banner

    These advertising frames are integrated into websites as graphic or animated files (e.g. Flash layer with video banners).

  • Social Media

    interstruct manages technical integration and updating of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube applications on your company’s homepage.


Web tools are small web-based applications which serve a clearly specified purpose. Typically they are employed for in-house knowledge and reference management or as a central product administration tool covering all company locations and subsidiaries. There is no need for web tools to be installed on individual computers as they are accessible anytime, from anywhere via any current web browser.


  • Intranet

    Used predominantly for in-house communication purposes, the intranet also serves as the central source for information and applications.

  • Company wiki

    An in-house wiki serves mainly as a communication platform and contains general information on the structure and processes within the company.

  • Reference management

    As central data base for information and documentation on building projects, this web tool supports the preparation of references for tenders.

  • Online Style Guide

    All corporate design guidelines and all existing templates are centrally combined in the Style Guide. Access to external contractors can be granted.

Print & Corporate Design

The particular character of a company is most effectively mediated by means of a holistic look & feel. interstruct develops sophisticated corporate designs with respective guidelines and templates as part of a comprehensive (Online) Style Guide. A coherent concept for all printed objects, such as brochures and product fact sheets, forms a solid base for communicating the benefits of your products and technologies.



  • Business stationary

    Letterheads and facsimile templates, business cards and presentations, press kits and digital tools - all these applications reflect the company image.

  • Company brochures

    This a vital tool to specifically elaborate and creatively transcribe your company goals, USPs and its sense of identity and mission.

  • Product fact sheets

    Regularly consulted during trade fairs and by your customers, product sheets need to be informative and visually convincing.

  • Presentations

    interstruct develops complete and flexible solutions for this important marketing tool with professionally laid out master slides.

  • Invitations & Event cards

    Even small applications need the combination of a good idea with the corresponding mood for any occasion.

App development

Apps are applications which are optimised for mobile devices (mostly smart phones and tablets). Similar to web tools, there are hardly any restrictions regarding areas of use. Anything is possible, from promotion apps to games to applications which model and support processes.


  • iOS-Apps

    Specifically developed for the iOS operating system of mobile Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod), these apps can only be purchased from the Apple Store.

  • Android-Apps

    Conceived for the Google Android operating system for mobile devices by HTC, Samsung etc. Available from the Google Play Store.

  • Mobile Websites

    In order to increase their dissemination, existing websites can be specifically adapted to mobile browsers and devices.

3D visualisation and illustrations

Whether abstracted process animations or realistic product displays, by using photorealistic 3D-models and illustrations, complex technical processes and products can be presented in an easily accessible manner. In addition, 3D models can be viewed from all perspectives, making them more flexible compared to photographic material. 3D models also suggest highest perfection and can be staged in any light imaginable.



  • Modelling

    interstruct optimises product displays by transforming visual material and technical drawings into photorealistic 3D models.

  • Animation

    Complex technical processes can be translated more effectively by means of Flash animations, moving illustrations and photorealistic videos.

  • Technical illustrations

    By highlighting and complementing relevant technical details, technical illustrations put specific product features in the proper light.