Website: Primary Production

  • 31. December 2012
  • Customer: IAI
  • Section: Digital

The website entitled “Primary Production” is the last page to be completed as part of the IAI aluminium campaign and is dedicated to the topic of aluminium production from its raw material bauxite and various methods of processing.

Information on the three main methods Refining, Smelting and  Processing are accessible via separate frames on the homepage. Due to the clear layout of the frames (including a slide effect), changing from section to section is quick and easy. Aided by illustrations and short texts, the respective technical processes (Bayer, Hall-Héroult, casting, extrusion etc.) are explained step by step. 

The main navigation features the sections “Processes” and “Aluminium Facts”, which provide visitors with comprehensive textual and visual information on a whole range of topics, such as means of production, structure of the aluminium industry, emissions and health & safety. In order to render the content more attractive, important representatives of the industry are cited and introduced with a portrait image.