SmartRay ECCO

  • 03. August 2014
  • Customer: SmartRay
  • Section: Corporate

In November 2013 SmartRay introduces a new highlight in its product portfolio: the sensor product series ECCO. The design created by interstruct for this purpose is not only quite distinct in comparison with market competitors but also from the regular SmartRay Corporate Design. interstruct generates a fresh approach for high tech presentation by creating a futuristic key visual in the shape of a slightly altered optical iris and by optimising the actual product design with a clear and elegant shape and colour scheme. ECCO is the smallest scanner in the world in its fields: the main image illustrates the relevant proportions by means of a female hand holding the sensor. To back the ECCO roll out, an ad campaign and a number of product fact sheets were designed by interstruct.

SmartRay ECCO Sensor