Animation: Almost Infinite

  • 22. May 2013
  • Customer: IAI
  • Section: Motion

The “Aluminium Story”, serving as a framework and central access point to the six campaign sites, features three short and graphically sophisticated animations, which summarise the message of the aluminium campaign: presenting the versatility and reusability of aluminium as well as its potential in terms of saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Innovative products by Apple or Audi have helped to create a public perception of aluminium as a progressive and elegant material. The “clean” look created by interstruct runs through all 3 shorts and supports the presentation of aluminium essential factor for shaping the future of modern civilisation.

The English voiceover was recorded by a Swedish professional speaker with an “international accent”. The specifically composed background music creates a positive atmosphere and supports the flow of the narrative.

Metal is often perceived as a cold, almost unnatural material. In order to counter this effect, our designers introduced “organic” elements: The “fluid” transformation of one object into another (graphically realized via polygonal shapes) also visualises the main principle of infinite recycling: What was a house yesterday, will become a train today and a smart phone tomorrow.

THE METAL – Solidified Energy:
The first part illustrates the omnipresence of aluminium in modern everyday life by showing selection of typical applications. It also informs about the extraction and processing of aluminium. The title “Solidified Energy“ addresses the relationship between the initially high input of energy during the production of aluminium and the simultaneous retention of that energy for future applications (“energy bank”).
USE – Strong & Light
The second animation focuses on the advantages of aluminium in specific applications. Its light weight, longevity and excellent suitability as an electricity conductor make it the ideal material for transmission lines. For construction and infrastructure its benefit lies in increased energy efficiency. There is also a growing potential for energy and greenhouse gas savings when using aluminium in the transport and automotive sectors.
RECYCLING – Value Retained
The third part illustrates the theoretically infinite reusability of aluminium, without losing its characteristic properties. High recycling rates stand are contrasted with the long time that aluminium tends to remain in buildings, for example. Due to its versatility aluminium will play an important role in terms of future socio-economic progress. Human ingenuity has at its disposal the perfect material to develop ever new and sustainable applications and products.

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