Messer Cutting Systems – Redesign der Startseite

Die Startseite der Messer Cutting Systems GmbH wird optimiert: Neben einer Aktualisierung des äußeren Erscheinungsbildes steht die individualisierte Ansprache der unterschiedlichen Zielgruppen im Vordergrund. In Form von großen Teasern erhalten die Besucher nun schnellen Zugang zu den individuell benötigten Informationen. Bedingt durch die verschiedenen Branchen des Unternehmens, der regionalen Unterschiede der Zielgruppen und derer heterogenen Informationsinteressen, bietet...

glomex – Corporate Design & Website

Glomex is a global media exchange company and a spin-off of ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG. Apart from its new corporate design (including logo and style guide) interstruct has also created its long-page corporate website, which on accessing features animated impressions of a 2-minute trailer also realised by interstruct. With its mix of human, technological and metropolitan motives suggest the dynamic development of this content market place and business model.
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This one pager was designed and implemented for ProSiebenSat.1 Sports GmbH – a subsidiary of ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG.

Its design is characterised by a transverse content grid: clicking on the diagonally arranged submenu of section “4 Segments”, for example, makes content slide out sideways. reflects the dynamics of its main topic by means of animated menu blending and video sequences of team sports scenes on its starting page.

World Aluminium – The Aluminium Story

Based on the aluminium cycle infographics created by interstruct, now the homepage of the Aluminium Story campaign pages has also been reworked and updated, with a particular focus on optimum mobile display and use of the site.

The five platforms shown in the illustration now serve as access points for the individual campaign sites, replacing the initial switcher. Prior to being redirected, the respective platform is zoomed in and three vital facts...

ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE – Corporate Website

Far transcending common web standards, the implementation of the new ProSiebenSat. 1 corporate website design has been customised to the highest degree.

A “rotating”, centrally positioned red toolbar with search function (Autocomplete and full-text search) provides particularly fast access to page content. The interests of individual users are anticipated via curated search: a compact preselection of content is displayed by means of „flakes“ – small...